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Intensive Course

An intensive course will allow you to learn at a very fast rate. The fact the course is so condensed means that little is forgotten the next day with the usual weekly driving lessons.

Areas & Rates
  • 15 HOUR PACKAGE  (Refresher course)

    £899 for 15 hours incl. fast-track test
    Lessons typically take 2-3 weeks
    (2 to 4 hours per lesson)

  • 30 HOUR PACKAGE  (Intermediate course)

    £1599 for 30 hours incl. fast-track test
    Lessons typically take 3-6 weeks
    (2 to 5 hours per lesson)

  • 40 HOUR PACKAGE  (Beginner course)

    £2,099 for 40 hours incl. fast-track test
    Lessons typically take 4-8 weeks
    (2 to 5 hours per lesson)


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Lesson Overview

We have 3 crash courses to choose from – the one that is right for you will depend on how many lessons you require.

15 HOUR PACKAGE (Refresher course)

You’re a fairly experienced driver who needs to improve in a few key areas before taking their driving test

30 HOUR PACKAGE (Intermediate course)

You’ve done some driving before, and can complete some of the basics, but still have lots more to learn.

40 HOUR PACKAGE  (Beginner course)

New to driving, but still want to pass your driving test quickly? Our 40 hour course is an ideal choice for confident beginners. Within weeks, you’ll gain the skills you need to make your driving dreams a reality.

Eligibility Requirements

Based in Cheshunt.
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